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The Essence of Fashion

The delicate models are the synthesis of observation of nature and the demand to put women at the center of By-Bea's work. 

The silhouettes of orchid or fern women are true sculptures that adorn a face, magnify a body while being adapted to the life of an active woman. 

AW Collection

B/B Collections



Exclusive By-Bea’s pattern asymmetrical skirt.

Every little detail is meticulously handcrafted from raw edge felt.

This creation was inspired by an unbelievable encounter with the bridal mushroom, Phallus Indusiatus.

I wished to capture the mushroom's beauty to prolong its life and to share it’s splendour.

Made-to-order in New Zealand.

palm 2 - 2.png


Silva is a chic sleeve-less top cut from printed linen/cotton. 

The focus is the pocket finishing of pocket flaps and hand made top-stitching.

Side slits for the comfort.

Perfect little piece over the pants, short or skirt.

Made in New Zealand.



Akitu is an aesthetic and glamourous design. 

Handcrafted from white linen, it is really airy with the cotton lace.

Voluminous three-quarter cotton lace puff sleeves with gathering around the shoulder.

Bottom elasticated sleeves.

V neck line on the front.

Back slit neckline closed with a stone.

This top is elegant and comfortable.

Made in New Zealand.


"Every great design begins with an even better story" Lorinda Mamo

dame voilee
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