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Using nature as a source of inspiration


By-Bea is an independent fashion label founded in Singapore by French trained fashion designer Beata.


She perfected her art in the studios of the greatest Parisian couturiers. 


From her collaboration in the studios of Paule Ka, Alexandra de Gastine, Paco Rabanne, Chloe, Ines de la Fressange, and Christophe Lemaire, Beata has acquired a mastery of creation and a high standard of realisation.

After a personal and professional life that took her to Europe, Latin America and Australia, she opened her studio in the City-State. 

The nature in Singapore is a source of inspiration and a powerful creative engine for her.


Beata designs her production in limited edition and the materials used are necessarily natural. 

The materials of choice are silk, linen and cotton veil. 

All the pieces of fabric are treated beforehand, pre-washed so that the model has a perfect and durable fit. 


Following the example of Vivienne Westwood, from the conception phase to the creation phase, Beata elaborates her collection with the constant concern of "buy less but better", joining the movement of responsible fashion designers.


In addition to creating models, other passions animate her. 

Travelling and the people she meets, cooking, photography, as many generous and shared activities feed her creative outlook. 

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